Oct 21, 2014

New disabled veterans memorial unveiled in DC

For every tragic story of a life unraveled by military battle, there are a dozen tales of individuals who have managed to triumph over the harrowing experiences of war and ruin. 

That quote, from former Secretary of Veterans Affairs Jesse Brown who was partially paralyzed in Vietnam, is engraved on the wall at the new American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. The glass and granite memorial was dedicated recently as a long-awaited tribute to the U.S. veterans whose injuries have had life-altering consequences. These veterans did not pay the "ultimate" price - but the price has been steep and their journey painful and ongoing.

In his dedication speech, President Obama acknowledged that our country has sometimes failed to properly serve its wounded warriors. "This memorial is a challenge to all of us, a reminder of the obligations this country is under," he said.

The memorial has been 14 years in the making. Delray Beach resident Lois Pope, widow of the late owner of the National Enquirer and a philanthropist in her own right, has been instrumental in getting the project off the ground and raising the $80 million to finance it. Read more about the memorial here.

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