Oct 18, 2014

Estate Planning: How to Get Going (and why not to do it yourself)

The American Bar Association is offering a free webinar for the public on October 23 to explain the basics of estate planning. The moderated discussion will air at 1pm Eastern time and will also be available to listen to after the fact. Says the ABA website:

Statistical studies show that 55% of Americans die without a will or estate plan.  This free program informs the non-lawyer public how to start estate planning (wills, powers of attorney and trusts) by providing a set of practical first steps.  Our panel of lawyer and trust officer experts will also explain why simply signing a will or power of attorney with a “do it yourself” plan may actually be worse than doing nothing, costing a “special needs” family member the loss of government benefits or resulting in an ex-spouse inheriting assets. The program is intended for the general public and does not require a background in the law of wills or trusts or tax.

For more information and details on registration, click here

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Gary Puntman said...

It's a good idea to do estate planning. You want to get everything figured out beforehand. You don't want to leave your loved ones behind to deal with this themselves. http://www.lawofficeofjohnprupcich.com

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