Jul 3, 2013

Sopranos star Gandolfini was prepared for the unthinkable

Unlike many deceased celebrities whose faulty estate plans - or complete lack of them - come to public attention, James Gandolfini was well-prepared for the unthinkable. And the unthinkable is what happened last month, when the 51-year-old star of The Sopranos died  while vacationing in Italy. A father of two and husband, Gandolfini executed his will on Dec. 19, 2012, just months after the birth of his second child, Liliana. 

His will was filed today in New York Surrogate Court. As my readers know, a will is a public document, so we now know a good deal about Gandolfini's distributions. In fact, the public now even knows where Gandolfini resided, since the address of his Manhattan home appeared in the document. 

The bulk of the estate, estimated at around $70 million, is going to his 13-year-old son Michael, a product of his first marriage. Michael's share is held in trust until he reaches age 21; he has first dibs on that Manhattan apartment; and he also inherits his father's jewelry. He and his half-sister will ultimately split an interest in their father's home in Italy. Gandolfini also provided for his wife, several relatives, his personal assistant, godson, and friends. The executors of his estate (in Florida, executors are called Personal Representatives) are his wife, his sister, and his attorney.

Here is Gandolfini's will, published by the NY Post:

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