Apr 21, 2012

Trustees give cat a new lease on one of her nine lives

When Georgia Lee Dvorak died on Christmas Eve at age 74, she left behind no family, just a beloved black cat named Boots. But her owner's death was just the beginning of bad news for Boots. According to Dvorak'sWill, any cats she owned at the time of her death were to be euthanized. 

Despite how it sounds, the Chicago resident was an animal lover, leaving her $1million plus estate to various animal welfare organizations. So why did Dvorak want Boots euthanized? Neighbors speculate that because Boots had been abused by former owners, Dvorak was making sure her pet would never end up in that situation again.

Fortunately, Boots has gotten a new lease on one of her nine lives, thanks to the Trustees of Dvorak's estate at a Chicago bank. Animal lovers themselves, they petitioned the Cook County Court to set aside that provision of the Will. The request was granted, and Boots is now living at a cage-free sanctuary.

If you are planning your estate and have a beloved pet, you do not have to do what Dvorak did. A Pet Trust can provide for your pet's welfare and care in the event that it outlives you. Contact our Florida estate planning lawyers for more information about Pet Trusts.  For a video about Boots' plight and rescue, click here.

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