Mar 13, 2011

Life with Alzheimer's Disease

The incidence of Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias is growing along with our rapidly growing senior population. CNN News is soliciting stories and advice from patients, caregivers, anyone who has been touched by Alzheimer's. Your items may be submitted in writing or video. Submit your Alzheimer's stories and advice here.  

Learn more about advance medical directives like a Florida Health Care Power of Attorney that we recommend for people diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, to ensure that their wishes for medical treatment are honored.

Obviously, it takes time for the person and loved ones to come to grips with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Although there's no reason to panic, these important legal steps should be taken without undue delay, since they require the person to be legally competent. The sooner such plans are put into place, the sooner everyone can stop worrying about the legal and financial ramifications and concentrate on enjoying life as much as possible each day.

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