Feb 19, 2011

Our Veterans Need Cheerleaders!

Aging Florida veterans of World War II  get the red carpet treatment on May 14. That's when "Honor Flights" grants the wish of  needy veterans to finally see the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. As meaningful as the trip is for the vets, we hear that what's even more spirit-buoying is the crowd that assembles to see them off and greet them when they return to Florida. That really shows these remarkable, brave people that their sacrifice has not been forgotten! Nonprofit Honor Flights provides the trip for free for needy veterans, and even provides medical support and other assistance for veterans who require it for the trip.

Won't you come out to see them off and greet them on their victory when they return? I'll be posting details of meeting points, departure and arrival times, etc., as they become available.

Our law firm assists aging veterans and their families find ways to cope with the cost of the nursing care, assisted living care, or home care. Veterans' widows may also be eligible for benefits. Information on Veterans benefits for long-term care.

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