Feb 22, 2011

Hero Tom DiBaggio dies at age 69

Tom DiBaggio, diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease at age 57, died Feb. 21 at the age of 69.  DiBaggio was determined to stay in the public eye and educate people about the nature of this ever-escalating threat. As he put it,  he wanted to "break through the sense of shame and silence Alzheimer's has engendered." DiBaggio wrote a memoir about his journey, "Losing My Mind" and spoke to radio audiences about the progress of his disease up to the very end. To hear more of this hero's story, click below. And to help find a cure for this disease, please consider making a contribution to Memory Walks, the Alzheimer's Association fundraisers. Our own "Karp Kommandos" team will be walking in the West Palm Beach and the Port St. Lucie events to raise money for this good cause. Our elder law attorneys see families every day who are psychologically and financially traumatized when their loved one with Alzheimer's can no longer live at home, so we are determined to help find a cure. Click here to make a contribution in any amount.

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