Nov 30, 2010

Veterans: don't miss out on Aid and Attendance benefits

Too many elderly veterans and their surviving spouses fail to apply for V.A. "aid and attendance" benefits that could help them pay for nursing home, assisted living, and even at-home care expenses. Only a small fraction of the 2.3 million World War II vets, 2.6 million Korean War vets and 7.7 million Vietnam vets ever apply.

Of course, not every applicant is eligible. There are income limits, medical expense criteria, medical requirements, etc. Yet the biggest reason veterans fail to even apply is because they  believe - incorrectly - that they must have a disability sustained as a direct result of military service. This is not the case!

The confusion is understandable. Understanding the web of  Veterans benefits, let alone nagivating it, is a daunting task. All our Elder Law Lawyers are accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs and understand the complexities of long-term care benefits. Our law firm publishes a clear and concise color booklet that can help you to understand Veterans Benefits, with an emphasis on long-term care benefits. Just contact us to request it. The V.A. also has a new benefits web site that is very helpful if you want to research any benefits you might be entitled to. Don't disqualify yourself!

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