Jul 7, 2010

When to start collecting social security?

Are you of social security age but continuing to work?  Determining the best time to collect social security benefits requires some careful number crunching. For tips on the most advantageous time to start collecting benefits,  click hereAs for the official social security retirement age, many in the government believe it must be raised if the program is to survive.House Minority Leader John Boehner (Rep-Ohio) is among the proponents of increasing the eligibility age. In a recent interview, he called for raising the Social Security eligibility age to 70 for those who are at least 20 years from retirement. He also suggested denying benefits to those who do not have legitimate financial need, and tying increases to increases in wages rather than the cost of living index. He said that these changes are necessary to stabilize our country's fiscal mess and to help pay for the war in Afghanistan, which he strongly supports.

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