Jul 9, 2010

Florida Living Will Guidelines Under Review

A Living Will tells your doctors what kinds of treatment you want at the end of life. But it's your doctor who is responsible for telling everyone else: hospital, nurses, EMT's, Hospice and so on. Doctor's orders are essential to ensuring that a patient's wishes are honored. And that, according to Florida State University's Center for Medicine and Law, has not always happened. To remedy the problem, Florida State University's Center for Medicine and Law is formulating a new program to ensure physicians understand patient's wishes and communicate those wishes effectively to health care providers. It's called the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment,  or POLST program. A conference to be held on Sept. 20 in Orlando will bring together health care providers, legal experts and the public to figure out how to make POLST a legal reality in Florida. Read more here.

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