Apr 28, 2020

Find Missing Money

Madonna found money owed her for appearing in a gaming company's video.  Robert DeNiro had money waiting from Warner Brothers. Even Bloomberg LP (yes, that Bloomberg) had checks waiting for him from New York State.

You need not be a celebrity to find missing money, though. A number of online resources are available so you can conduct your own hunt. If you're stuck at home, looking for money you didn't know was coming to you could be a pleasant diversion. And potentially profitable.

What constitutes missing money? Among the items: Utility deposits. Insurance payouts. 401ks that got lost in the shuffle when you changed employers. Forgotten contents of safe deposit boxes.

Here are a few of the sites you can check. Have fun!

Florida unclaimed funds
All states and Canadian provinces unclaimed funds

Employee Benefits Security Administration

Veterans Administration

Life Insurance Benefits

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