Jul 15, 2016

Felines and homebound seniors: A perfect match

My family and I have a serious soft spot for animals, so in this post I depart from the "legal stuff" to tell you about a lovely program that pairs seniors with furry feline companions. Consider it - ahem - a "fluff piece."

The humane society of Bay County, Michigan recently launched the Cats for Companionship program, which identifies homebound seniors who can benefit from having a pet and are capable of caring for it. The program provides the cat and everything else - food, toys, veterinary care - free of charge. For the adopter, the benefits of having a furry companion are well-documented: it eases stress and loneliness, reduces blood pressure, etc. And the cats, all hard-to-place older animals, get a loving home. A win-win situation.

I think this would be a wonderful program for our area, too. Of course the senior would have to reside in a place that allows pets, and not be allergic to cats. (My wife is, but we have one anyway - go figure!) Is anyone willing to take on creating such a program here?

If you have any doubt about the deep bonds that can exist between human and feline companion, check out this story of a cat that miraculously found its "missing" owner after the owner moved into a nursing home. 

Lastly, if you have a beloved pet and want to ensure its welfare if it outlives you, remember that Florida law permits your pet to be included in your estate plan. Contact our firm for more information.

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