Jan 31, 2016

Why aren't the presidential candidates talking about the long-term care crisis?

With so many families struggling with the financial and psychological stress of caregiving, why aren't the 2016 presidential candidates making this a front-and-center issue? NPR Commentator Cokie Roberts has said, "Candidates are crazy not to mention it, because it is what most families are dealing with. Fully a third of households in America are taking care of an elderly or disabled member."  

A recent article on the website www.nextavenue.org tries to ferret out the reasons for this lack of attention. One possible and rather depressing reason: no one sees any achievable solutions to a problem of this magnitude. Another reason offered by a prominent caregiver advocate: caregivers have so much on their plates that cannot spend the time and energy needed for grassroots organizing.

You can read the full article here.

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