Jul 29, 2015

What happens to Whitney Houston's millions now?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston, has just passed away at the too-tender age of 22, following six months of medical limbo. Now, it's her estate, and her mother's estate, that may be in limbo. 

Houston's only child, Brown was set to inherit her mother's millions by the age of 30, in installments, and had already received one installment at age 21. As I noted in my February post, a pivotal question now is, was Brown married at the time of her death? On social media she referred to her longtime boyfriend Nick Gordon as her husband, but to date there has been no proof that they were legally married. The State of Georgia, where she resided, does not recognize common law marriage. 

If they were married, Gordon inherits Bobbi's estate. If not, her father, Bobby Brown, will get it. That assumes that Bobbi died without a will, which appears to be the case.

Further complicating things: authorities are investigating how Brown came to be found, unconscious, in her bathtub in January. Various family members have speculated about Gordon's possible involvement. If he is criminally charged, that will obviously be a game-changer. He is also being charged with physically abusing Kristina and stealing money from her in a civil suit filed by her guardian.  

As to the her mother's millions that remain in trust for Brown, Houston's estate plan calls for that to be distributed to Houston's two brothers and mother.

This family tragedy could well morph into a legal morass that keeps a lot of lawyers busy for a long time. Very sad.

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