May 27, 2015

No elder abuse charges to be filed against Casey Kasem's wife

In August 2014 I told you about the battle between Casey Kasem's wife and his adult children from a prior marriage over how and where the ailing radio icon should be cared for. Incapacitated with Lewy body dementia, Kasem passed away in June 2014 at age 82 in Washington State, where his wife Jean had taken him over the objections of the children. Then, after petitioning Norway, she was granted permission to bury his body in that country, again against the wishes of his children, who claimed their father had wanted California to be his final resting place.

Three of Kasem's children alleged that Jean's removal of their father from the Santa Monica facility to Washington hastened his death, and filed elder abuse charges against Jean. But last Friday, May 22, Los Angeles prosecutors announced that they would pursue the case, noting that "Because of Mr. Kasem's longstanding profound health issues, this case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury."  

Daughter Kerri Kasem is not giving up. She has announced that she intends to file elder abuse charges against her stepmother in Washington State. "The Los Angeles County District Attorney, with her professed interest in ending elder abuse, could do more," she said in a statement. 

So the legal and media circus continues. It's a sad footnote to Kasem's stellar career. And we still haven't gotten to the matter of the money...yet.

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Jennifer Davies said...

This is such a hard position for the family to be in. There's really no way for anyone to know without a doubt what went on in the last few months of his life. It just highlights the importance of putting together a will before it gets to this point. Everyone would have been simpler in this case if he had written down where he would preferred to be buried.

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