Dec 11, 2014

Joan Rivers' will made public

The late Joan Rivers made us laugh. But to the late comedienne, her estate plan was no laughing matter. Rivers' will, filed December 9 in New York State Surrogate Court, shows great concern for the people she cared most about, and leaves nothing to chance. Rivers died in September at age 81 following throat surgery. 

Some of the major points: As expected, Rivers' only child, Melissa, inherits the bulk of the estate, estimated at about $150 million. Rivers also provided for her only grandchild, her niece and nephew, and her longtime assistants. She didn't forget her beloved dogs, either - she had two in New York and two in Los Angeles. Her favorite charities will also get a piece of the estate, among them the Jewish Guild for the Blind, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Guide Dogs for the Blind. Rivers named her good friends, business manager Michael Karlin and interior designer Robert Higdon, to assist her daughter to administer the estate.

Rivers' will is a matter of public record and you can read it below. Her trust which is a private document specifies precisely who gets what and is shielded from public view.

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leachmark707 said...

It is fortunate that Joan rivers had her estate planning taken care of, as I am sure that she was not anticipating to die in September. I am sure that her daughter, granddaughter, and assistants are also happy that she had her will written, as they inherited so much of it. I need to star my estate planning, just in case.
Mark Leach |

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