Jun 2, 2014

The Perils of Falling: Goodbye to The Brady Bunch's Ann Davis

Actress Ann B. Davis, best known for her role as the glib housekeeper on The Brady Bunch television show, passed away yesterday as a result of a fall. She was knocked unconscious when she fell in the bathroom at her San Antonio home, and passed away shortly thereafter. Davis, 88, had used a walker in recent years but was otherwise in good health. 
What a shame. And, perhaps, preventable. As my clients well know, I am always reminding them about watching their step and avoiding falls. In fact, my monthly article in April's Boomer Times and Senior Life dealt with this very subject. As a Florida elder law attorney, I have known many reasonably healthy older people who have lost their lives after a preventable fall. I have also seen many cases in which a fall - often preventable - has led to permanent disability, which in addition to its physical and psychological toll,  wreaked financial havoc on both patient and family. 

There are no guarantees in life. That's why planning for disability should be a part of everyone's estate plan. But it's preferable to avoid becoming disabled in the first place. First on your list: watch your step, rely on any mobility devices you have, and make sure your environment is a safe and secure one. For additional information, check out my article in Boomer Times and Senior Life.

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