Apr 9, 2014

L'Wren Scott leaves it all to Rolling Stone frontman

Ex-model and fashion designer L'Wren Scott committed suicide in New York City on March 17, at age 49. Her will, admitted to Manhattan probate court, leaves her entire $9 million estate  to longtime boyfriend, Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger. 

It's unlikely Jagger needs the money. He is estimated to be worth $350 million. And although he was her partner at the time she executed her will, he reportedly terminated their relationship before she ended her life. Did Scott forget to revise her will? Did she want Jagger to get the money regardless? There is no way to know.

Scott cut out of her will her two living relatives: sister Jan Shane with whom she had reportedly had not spoken for six years; and also her brother, the co-director of her company at the time of her death, with whom she evidently had a satisfactory relationship.

Scott is entitled to leave her assets to anyone she wishes, of course. But no one will be shocked if one or more of her siblings challenge the will, which was prepared by a California attorney despite the fact that Scott was a New York resident. Since she committed suicide less than a year after she signed it, they may allege she did not have the capacity to execute it.

If a challenge is brought and if it is successful, Scott will be considered as having died intestate, in other words, without a will, and her heirs at law will get the assets, not Jagger.  We don't know how this will play out. All we know right now is that because Scott used a will to dispose of her assets, it will play out publicly.

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