Oct 5, 2013

Monster Girl gets a monster inheritance

Who is Monster Girl, you ask? Why, she is the late Muriel Siebert's chihuahua. Like Siebert, the first woman to hold a seat on the once all-male New York Stock Exchange, the diminutive pooch with the big name was never afraid of hanging out with the big dogs. 

Siebert died in August 2013. According to her will filed recently in New York surrogate court, Siebert left $100,000 to a close friend to use for the welfare and maintenance of Monster Girl. Among her requests: that the dog not be left alone for long periods of time during the day.

Siebert never married or had children. Most of the balance of her approximately $50 million fortune is going to her foundation, whose main goals are encouraging financial literacy and promoting animal welfare, particularly efforts to help animals "owned by the elderly who are financially challenged."  She also left money to her sister, who currently resides in a Bronx, NY nursing home; to friends; and to New York City's Animal Medical Center. 

Do you want to make sure your beloved pet is well cared if you are no longer around? Relying on informal arrangements does not always work out; many pets are abandoned every year because the decedent's relatives or friends, albeit well-intentioned, could not care for the animal.

If you live in Florida, you may include a pet as beneficiary of your Florida estate plan to ensure that he/she is in good hands. Contact The Karp Law Firm to discuss your options for protecting your pet. It doesn't take a fortune to ensure your pet's care: your pet can do quite well on considerably less than the $100,000 the privileged Monster Girl is set to inherit.

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