Sep 26, 2013

Florida Medicaid Divisor adjusted

The rules for qualifying for Florida Medicaid benefits for long-term care are complex, and always changing. On September 19, 2013, they changed again, when the monthly penalty divisor was revised upward, from $7,362.00 to $7,638.00. 

The penalty divisor is important if you are applying for long-term care benefits. If you have made uncompensated transfers during the look-back period, Florida Medicaid uses the penalty divisor to determine how long you will wait before you are eligible for benefits (assuming you meet all other requirements, of course).

For a full explanation of how the Florida Medicaid look-back period and penalty divisor work, click here.

If you are facing an immediate crisis or just planning for yourself or a relative who may need a nursing home in the future, contact us for assistance with securing Medicaid benefits. We can often help families protect their assets without having to spend down everything. Contact us.

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