Jun 5, 2012

New forms help streamline V.A. benefits applications

Veterans seeking disability and/or pension benefits now have access to downloadable, streamlined forms they may take to a physician in their community, instead of making an appointment to be assessed at a Veterans Administration facility. These forms, known as DBQ's (Disability Benefits Questionnaires), are the same forms the V.A. uses for its medical assessments. The V.A. should be able to determine disability ratings and process claims more quickly by using information submitted to it in this format.

Although a veteran has the choice of taking the form to his/her private physician, the V.A. will not pay for private exams, or any related expenses such as travel. V.A.-administered medical exams are free to veterans.

The new DBQ forms cover most types of disabilities, but a few are excluded, such as general medical examinations for pension purposes; assessments of hearing loss and tinnitus; and post traumatic stress disorders, among others. For these conditions, the V.A. must conduct the medical assessment.

You may view the new DBQ forms here.
For information on veterans benefits for long-term care such as home care, assisted living or nursing home, click here.

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