Jan 1, 2012

Caregiving Crisis is A Women's Issue

Elder advocate Jane Gross is perplexed. In a recent New York Times blog, Gross expresses surprise that Americans are not pressing harder for a policy overhaul that would provide appropriate care for our elderly population. 

Gross wonders "why there is so little outrage among family caregivers, effectively abandoned by a government that in 1965 promised universal health care for the elderly." 

Furthermore, Gross sees this crisis is very much a women's issue, since women generally live longer than men, and daughters, more than sons, shoulder the burden of caregiving for aging parents. 

In my practice, I see first-hand the struggles of Florida seniors and their families. So I agree: something must be done, and it is long overdue.  But at this moment, there seems to be little political will for such policy changes, and the economic climate means Medicare and Medicaid face continuing threats of cuts. Our Florida Elder Law Lawyers will continue to assist Florida seniors to get the help they need and avoid the financial ruin that so often accompanies a long-term health care crisis.

Read Gross' entire blog entry here

Read about Florida Medicaid benefits for long-term care. 

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