Oct 23, 2011

IRS announces long-term care premium deductibility limits for 2012

Planning for the cost of chronic disability should be a part of everyone's estate plan. A private room in a long-term nursing facility in Florida averages a wallet-busting $80,000 a year. With numbers like that, you can see why families stand to be wiped out when a loved one requires long-term care. At-home care and assisted living are also very expensive.

Medicaid benefits and VA benefits may allow you to hold on to a good portion of your nest egg, but planning with long-term insurance is a good first line of defense. Of course, you must be in sufficiently good health to qualify, and you must be able to budget for the premiums. The good news for those who have long-term insurance or are thinking of getting it, is that premiums are tax-deductible under certain conditions. Read more about  2012 deduction limits.  

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