Mar 23, 2011

We're Walking to End Alzheimer's!

The Alzheimer's Association just released its 2011 report on Alzheimer's Disease in America, and the data isn't pretty. Five million Americans have the disease - that's 37% more than last year. Fifteen million people are caring for those with Alzheimer's and other dementias. The cost to society and our health care system is enormous, and growing all the time.

The Karp Law staff is raising monies for research into this dreaded disease. We invite you to join us. You can join our "Karps Kommandos" team  or donate to the Port St. Lucie Memory Walk on Saturday, March 26 or the West Palm Beach Memory Walk on Saturday, April 9.

Our office knows first-hand the toll that Alzheimer's takes on families. Check out our website for information on the estate planning documents and other planning that is essential for someone diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.

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