Feb 2, 2011

New reverse mortgage may be a solution for cash-strapped seniors

For seniors age 62 and over who are looking to generate cash, a reverse mortgage may be a good solution. A new type of reverse mortgage is now available that slashes the up-front costs that have prevented many seniors from exploring this option.  Read more here.

Taking out a reverse mortgage is a very serious step and you must know all the facts before proceeding. Many people view reverse mortgages with skepticism because they have too often been abused by people who prey on the senior market. Too bad. Under certain circumstances, and of course with full disclosure and understanding of all the facts, they can help ease the economic strains of retirement.

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liberty reversemortgage said...

Reverse mortgage is a useful estate planning tool that banks and financial institutions ought to offer making available to seniors. It's a great security for them to ensure the delivery of their pensions in the amounts they thought forthcoming.
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