Jan 4, 2011

Veterans: check for unclaimed funds

The Department of Veterans Affairs is holding millions of dollars in unclaimed funds, consisting of payments to insurance policyholders (or their beneficiaries) who the department has been able to contact.  The insurance policies involved are the following:

United States Government Life - beginning with the letter "K"
National Service Life Insurance - letters "N" or "V"
Veterans Special Life Insurance - letters "RS" or "W"
Veterans Reopened Insurance - letters "J" or "JR" or "JS"
Service-Disabled Veterans Life - letter "RH"

If you are a veteran, or a spouse or child of a veteran and want to check to see if any of these funds are rightfully yours, click here: https://insurance.va.gov/liability/ufsearch.htm. You will need to enter the name of the veteran, date of birth and date of death. Or, call 800-669-8477.

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