Dec 8, 2010

The Triplets

Marguerite MillerI read a lovely article recently about triplets. But not just any triplets. These gals are 90 years old and in great health. Marguerite (that's her at the left), Catherine and Frances Kirchner are the personalification of what most of us want: a ripe old age, and good health getting there. Whether their good fortune is attributable to genes or to healthy living as Marguerite seems to believe, or both is still a matter of debate.

What isn't up for debate is that living longer and well requires a lot more sophistication and resources than it used to. Protecting your assets is critical because you'll need them to last as long as you do, and to cover any medical expenses you encounter that Medicare doesn't pick up. Planning for and managing your retirement has become, well, a second job. Still, would you want to go back to the days when you collected your gold watch and a short time later - poof - it was all over? Not me, and not most of my clients. It seems to me that the challenges of today's retirement are more than offset by the potential joys of longer life!

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