Jul 24, 2010

Get Your Estate Plan in Order While It's Easy

List your favorite things to do. I'm not a betting man, but I'd make book that talking with an estate planning lawyer about your will and trust is not at the top of your list. More likely it's down the list with, oh, visting the dentist. But you know what? Visiting the dentist for a routine cleaning is easy. It sure beats the heck out of ignoring your teeth to the point where you need a root canal. And it's easier to get your estate plan in place when you and your spouse are well than to wait until you have a health issue, with all the pressure and trauma that goes with it at that point.

Chuck Jaffe, columnist for the Wall Street Journal, has written a truly touching and highly personal piece  about estate planning. He pays tribute to his late brother, who wisely insisted that he and his wife get their affairs in order well before a crisis. His wife, now a widow - whose favorite activities also did not include talking with an estate planning lawyer -  is glad she did. Read the story here. To start putting your own affairs in order so you can enjoy peace of mind, visit our South Florida estate planning website.

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