Jul 17, 2010

The Importance of Prenuptial agreements

With people marrying later in life, and marrying more often, prenuptial agreements are becoming more common. Sure, love is grand. But sometimes romance needs to share the spotlight with some hard-nosed financial realities. A prenuptial agreement is a way for each party to be sure that if divorce or death occurs, his/her interests are protected.

You may need a prenuptial agreement if:
1. You have significant assets accumulated prior to your marriage.
2. You have children from a prior marriage you want to protect.
3. You are expecting a significant inheritance in the future. 

The prenuptial agreement doesn't quite fit with our starry-eyed, Hollywood version of love. But worry isn't an aphrodisiac, either. Once you deal with the prenuptial issue, you can stop worrying and go back to planning for a happy future with your spouse-to-be. For tips on how to talk to your intended about a prenuptial, and what a prenuptial should include, see Mary Pilon's article in the Wall Street Journal.

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