May 7, 2010

Shred That Scam!

When I returned home from work a few hours ago I got a call from my credit card company asking if I'd just made a purchase at a Los Angeles bookstore. Negative, I said. On the offchance my wife had flown across the country this afternoon and lugged home a bag of books, I asked her. Negative there, too.  I've gotten calls about suspicious activity on my account before. Oddly, all of them have involved California. I'm thinking about renaming the Golden State the GoldCard state.

Of course anyone, anywhere can be a victim, but seniors are often the prey of choice for scams, financial fraud and identity theft. One way to protect yourself is by keeping sensitive papers out of your trash, especially if you receive paper statements from brokers, banks and the like. Invest in a shredder (it makes a good gift for your aging parent, too). Click here for a review of shredders currently on the market.   

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