Apr 17, 2010

Who Really Needs to Know Your Social Security Number?

As an elder law and estate planning attorney, my clients entrust me with personal details of their lives: what worries them; their financial goals; their family and health concerns. This honest give-and-take is necessary to create effective plans that provide security and reassurance. And what they say about Vegas is true of my office, of course: What happens in my office, stays in my office!
Most times, though, you want to keep your private information just that - private. And in this era of increasing identity theft, there's more reason than ever to zealously guard your personal data. One item all of us should keep a careful eye on is our social security number. Yet there are so many occasions that we're asked to provide it. When is it safe to do so, and when should you say thank you, but no thank you? Check out this article for guidelines.

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