Mar 1, 2010

Brown Water Veterans

Some long-overdue justice for Vietnam veterans!

For many years the Veterans Administration denied disability compensation claims of many Vietnam vets who were exposed to to Agent Orange because they did not have "boots on the ground" during the conflict. Now the Veterans Administration has changed its policy.

Acknowledging that many of those shipboard were exposed to the deadly herbicide, the new policy states that veterans who served on certain ships in Vietnam - so called "brown water vets" who served in the rivers and deltas of Vietnam -- are eligible for presumptive service compensation benefits from the V.A. Surviving spouses, dependent children, and dependent parents may now also be elgible for death benefits due to the death of their Vietnam veteran spouse, parent, or child.

For the list of covered ships and service dates see the January 2010 Blue Water Navy comepensation and pension service bulletin.

As elder law attorneys, our focus is on older veterans seeking aid and attendance benefits for long-term care. For information on these benefits, click here.

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