Feb 2, 2010

Stop the Presses

I reported two days ago on the battle for control of Ben Novack Jr's estate. Novick, a millionaire many times over, was murdered last year in New York. Now, a new and sensational twist: A Broward probate judge has thrown out the challenge filed by relatives who were trying to keep the estate out of his widow's hands. She now gets control over the millions.

The even more sensational angle to this story: Mrs. Novack, although not formally charged, is widely believed to be involved in the murder. Were authorities able to prove this, the law would have barred her from inheriting her victim's fortune.

In all the years I've been doing estate planning for families, sometimes very wealthy families, I have never seen anything this gruesome and complicated first-hand. And I hope I never will!

Read more about the Novack estate planning saga here.

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