Sep 3, 2009

Living Wills Work. Krauthammer's Wrong

As a Florida elder law attorney, I have seen thousands of clients derive peace of mind from knowing they have a living will that will be respected by their doctors and families. And I have seen thousands of families turn to their loved one's written wishes for reassurance and guidance when called upon to make heart-wrenching end-of-life decisions for a loved one.

So I was appalled that Charles Krauthammer asserted in his Aug. 20 column that living wills have no value for patients, families or doctors! Not only was I appalled -- I was fearful that readers might fall for his flawed logic. Krauthammer doesn't know the law, and he doesn't seem to know the real world - at least, not the one you and I live in. Read my letter in support of living wills published in the Palm Beach Post.

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