Jun 20, 2009

Florida Medicaid Rules Change July 1

As of July 1, 2009, the criteria for Florida Medicaid spousal diversion changes. This means that if your spouse applies for Florida Medicaid long-term care benefits and your income is less than $1822 per month, you can request that a portion of your spouse's income be diverted to you. (The figure was previously $1750) Florida Medicaid requires that a special application be made for this "spousal diversion."
At present, Florida Medicaid law places NO cap on your income if you do not request spousal diversion.

If your spouse needs custodial nursing care and you want to apply for Florida Medicaid benefits, rely on a Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney whose business is staying on top of the constantly changing Medicaid laws. Knowing the latest eligibility criteria can mean the difference between getting help or facing impoverishment. Details on Florida Medicaid Long-Term care eligibility requirements.

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